Z2 森林型紙裝棒裝除臭劑 - 50gm

(21 則顧客評價)


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The Z2 Woods Deodorant Push Up Stick is a unisex natural deodorant stick that’s always ready to go. The paraben free and clean deodorant stick fades out unwanted body odors.

The deodorant stick is formulated to smell fresh and earthy – like a warm and breezy spring day spent on the grass. The blend combines the deep scent of Vetiver, Ginger Root and Black Pepper with citrusy Grapefruit and Lime.

The essential oil aromas not only smells wonderful but brings you one step closer to wellness!

  • 香根草在使您放鬆的同時,溫和地溫和地清除您的瑕疵斑痕;
  • 薑根能刺激血液流動,防止細菌進入體內;
  • 黑胡椒能解毒;
  • 葡萄柚能增強您的皮膚,提升您的心情;
  • 酸橙是防腐劑,增加您的活力。


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    點擊查看 Z2罐裝 高度覆蓋和 Z2噴霧型 輕度覆蓋



    • 竹芋粉 高吸收,高透氣
    • 抗真菌,平衡pH的 椰子油
    • 富含維生素和令人安心的 牛油樹脂和可哥籽油
    • 抗臭抗細菌的 氫氧化鎂
    • 含膠原蛋白和吸收臭味的 矽藻土
    • 抗炎症 蓖麻籽油
    • 杏仁,杏 ,荷荷巴,鱷梨和維生素E 的混合油以光滑營養您的皮膚

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    Z2 Woods Deodorant Push up Stick – 50gm 共有 21 則評價

    1. Kate Goodbody

      The deodorant is convenient, goes on smooth, lasts all day, and doesn’t stain my clothes. Everyone should be converting to this natural deodorant!!

    2. Cary P

      I’m sold, and will continue to purchase for as long as it’s available

    3. Jess H

      I’m looking to reduce plastics and was thrilled when I found this. Smelled nice so I bought it. My 1st container was the Z1 scent which was so amazing, now am looking to see what Z2 and Z3 smell like!

    4. Ritika Uppal Rai

      Been using this for a few days now & found it to be very effective!

    5. Satori Kaizen

      This is the BEST natural Deo I have ever used.. not only is it all natural but it’s DELICIOUS,,,I love the way it smells.. and the scent lasts.. and that it’s such a small and light size, perfect for travel.. 🙂 WOW!!! AMAZING!!! And it’s right here in Hongkong for a change.. 🙂

    6. Edward R

      LOVE this deodorant! I can’t imagine going back to any other type!

    7. Emma Richards

      this is the best deodorant (for me Personally), love, works great , long lasting

    8. Neha Kamdar-Sukhadia

      Really works 100%. Super happy not to worry about chemicals. Looking forward to more such products .. hope you are listening!

    9. Caroline P

      Best deodorant I have used that is safe for my body too. Just recommended this to a colleague and she loves it too! Great for a workout and everyday use.

    10. Gemma B

      I love the Z2 stick. It works the best of any natural deo’s I have tried. I will certainly be repurchasing