Z3涼爽型罐裝除臭劑 - 60gm

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*Since we use only unrefined plant oils and butters, it may cause the deodorant to turn grainy. These are harmless and will melt upon skin contact.

The Z3 Refresh Deodorant Pot is a unisex natural deodorant pot that is of highest absorbency. Whether you’re working out or just a ill sweatier - this chemical free deodorant pot keeps those strong nasty odors away!

The deodorant pot is formulated to smell like a warm tropical hug (you’ll know what we mean when you smell it). The blend combines earthy Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang, zesty Grapefruit and Bergamot, with calming Lavender.


  • 雪松是一種天然的收斂劑,激發您的皮膚形成更強的保護膜--保護它不受環境毒素和粘物的影響
  • 夷蘭是一種防腐劑,能鎮靜您的大腦;
  • 西柚調色您的皮膚,提升您的心情;
  • 佛手柑可以預防感染,是一種消心劑;
  • 熏衣草安撫皮膚,鎮靜您的神經系統;


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  • 極易吸收的 竹芋粉
  • 滋補 可哥籽和牛油樹脂
  • 熏衣草安撫皮膚,鎮靜您的神經系統;
  • 祛痘祛皺的 氫氧化鎂
  • 抗炎症的蓖麻籽油
  • 杏仁,杏 ,荷荷巴,鱷梨和維生素E 的混合油以光滑營養您的皮膚

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Z3 Refresh Deodorant Aluminium Pot – 60gm 共有 17 則評價

  1. Sophie T

    I’ve tried natural deodorants in the past without much success. This has changed my mind! Smells great, has a great consistency and most importantly – it works!

  2. Lori

    When I decided to switch from a commercial deodorant/antiperspirant to something more natural, a friend recommended I check this out and I’m so glad I did! This deodorant is fantastic–the tiniest amount lasts all day. for me

  3. Tina Ibsen

    I’ve tried many natural deodorants that did not work for odor. This is by far the best natural deodorant I’ve tried!

  4. Polly

    I sweat…. A LOT. Like, more than any normal human. I’m also an active person. I’m at the gym almost every other day and I climb and hike on a regular basis. I’ve tried many other natural deodorants and none of them have worked. They either melt or I sweat them off, leaving me stinky and sad. This one is different. This one works. I’m the biggest skeptic, but it works and I need more. Thanks!

  5. Pari

    Love this deodorant. There was a little bit of an adjustment period when I switched from antiperspirant, but I am so happy to have made the change!

  6. Hayley

    Easy to use, like the scent. Great alternative for conventional deodorants, good safe ingredients! Like it!

  7. Myra

    I like that this does not stain my clothes and it does a nice job keeping me smelling lovely. It is easy to apply and could totally be re-applied if I felt like I needed too.

  8. Sharon

    Works great, will order again!

  9. sandinmyhair

    I ordered this deodorant I am very pleased! It works great and smells good too! I’m very happy with my purchase and definitely recommend this product. I will order again!

  10. Zach G

    Only natural deodorant i know of that works.