Why should I go natural?

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and one of its main jobs is to absorb. As a result, products we use on our skin daily (deodorants, creams, and the like) have as much of an impact as the food we eat. The absorption rate only increases if products are applied on skin that is often shaved (for those who choose to shave their armpits – take note!).

Traditional deodorants contain all sorts of nasty chemicals and synthetic ingredients that increase toxicity levels in your body. Ingredients to watch out for in your deodorants, and other products you use daily are: Aluminum compounds, Parabens, Silica, Talc, Propylene glycol, and Triclosan.

Aluminum compounds force away our body’s good bacteria while bringing in toxicity. Latest research warns of aluminum toxicity contributing to Alzheimer’s, cancer, and skin irritation.

Parabens can spell disaster for our body’s hormone (or endocrine) system. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and premature aging.

Phthalates, along with being tricky to spell and pronounce, can also cause cancer, birth defects, and infertility in high doses.

Talc can pose risks for respiratory toxicity and cancer.

Propylene glycol is a fetal neurotoxin and contributes to kidney and liver damage.

Triclosan contributes to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, disrupts our body’s hormone (or endocrine) system, and weakens our immune system. It’s been banned in several countries for its negative health effects.

Isn’t my natural B.O. supposed to smell better? Why am I stinky?

All good things take time. Switching to natural deodorants follows the same principle.If you’re used to using chemical based deodorants, your body will be used to the fast-acting sweat- and odor-absorption.

Without getting into a full-blown biology lesson. Here are a few particulars on perspiration:

Our sweat itself is odorless. However, when bacteria interact with sweat, it causes body odor.

Chemical deodorants work by killing the bacteria that live on our skin – even the good guys. This leads to skin pH imbalances and other nasty side effects (see above!)

Natural deodorants fight off the bad bacteria while leaving the good ones alone.

Using natural and less-active ingredients is as effective. Your body just needs to get used to it. Most of our customers report that this transition takes about a month. If you need a little extra insurance during this transition period, we recommend using Natural Deodorants along with a bit of talcum powder to absorb excess sweat.

If you’re still not as #fresh as you’d like to be, you may need to switch up your diet and work in some regular exercise to detox. You can also check out our Detox Pack to make your transition as smooth as possible (it works fantastically for your face and feet, too!)

Why should I massage my armpits?

Our pits are home to around 500,000 lymph nodes and sweat glands. By giving them a little TLC every day, you:

Help your glands and nodes filter dead cells, excess proteins, and toxins from your tissues.

Increase production of lymphocytes (aka the warrior white blood cells) which improves your body’s ability to fight infections.

Produce a body-wide relaxation, thanks to your parasympathetic response.

Are better able to notice small changes like lumps, moles, and even dimpled skin.

Increase the fluid capacity of your lymph system by a whopping factor of 10.

Is the application messy or tedious?

Natural deodorants are a tad less easy to use than commercial deodorants but they’re worth the effort. All you need to do is apply the deodorant (pot or stick) and rub it in your skin until it’s fully absorbed. These lymph massages not only help the product work to the best of its ability, but it improves circulation and relaxes your body all in one go.

How can I best transition from chemical to natural deodorants?

Although our products are formulated with 100 percent natural blends and without harmful ingredients, some people with extra sensitive skin might find that our products don’t suit them.

Some individuals experience irritation from the baking soda in our stick and pot deodorants. The good news is that this can be worked through in most cases. Your pits may need some time adjusting to the alkaline nature of baking soda. To help you make the transition, the Detox Pack helps neutralize your skin and draw out nasties (e.g. buildup and chemicals).

If your skin tends to be sensitive, we recommend that you opt for our baking soda free formulation.

How do I best use natural deodorants?

To use our deodorants best, we recommend doing the following:

Prepare your skin to transition from chemical to natural deodorants with our Detox Pack. The pack draws out buildup and toxins from your glands and preps it to work with natural formulations. Use it for a week to get your pits primed for the upcoming goodness.

Warm up the deodorant between the palm of your hands to reduce friction and then apply on armpits. You can also dab the deo on instead of swiping.

Less is more – you only need 1-2 dabs of the stick or a pea-sized amount per pit.

Shave your pits at night with a fresh, sharp blade to avoid irritation.

Rest your underarms if you feel any discomfort after use.

Balance the pH of your pits with organic apple cider vinegar

While the vast majority of customers are satisfied with the effectiveness of our deodorants and transition seamlessly from their traditional antiperspirant. Some people might require a longer "detox" period before Zeroyet100 reaches optimum effectiveness. It is important not to supplement Zeroyet100 with antiperspirant during this time, as it will defeat the purpose of the detox and can result in irritation.

Who else can I recommend this deodorant to?

ZeroYet100 is safe for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and everyone in-between.

Our gender-neutral products are extensively tested and formulated with pure and safe natural ingredients. Our packaging is environmentally friendly and can be recycled or upcycled.

Those with extra sensitive skin can opt for Z5 (unscented) or baking-soda free deodorants.

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I’ve shipped my order to the wrong address. What can I do?

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What is your return policy?

While the vast majority of our customers are satisfied with our products, we do accept returns for adverse reactions within 30 days of purchase. If you would like to create a return, please send an email to: info@zeroyet100.com.

Natural deodorants can take a while for your body to get used to, especially if you’ve used traditional antiperspirant all your life. Anita and Sheetal (the founders) are happy to share their top tips and insider info – just shoot them an email to the address above!

I’m still sweating – what do I do?

Believe it or not, sweating is good for you! It’s the way our body naturally detoxifies itself. However, by using chemical deodorants, you impair your body’s ability to sweat as well as add to the toxic, chemical load your glands need to process.

When you switch to a natural deodorant, you may experience excess sweat.


Because your body is finally able to process the backlog of nasties that chemical deodorants have left behind.

Don’t fret – once you’re all detoxed out, you may find that you sweat even less than you did before!