Deodorant Spray vs Deodorant Stick: How to Choose the Best Deodorant Product for You?

Deodorant Spray vs Deodorant Stick: How to Choose the Best Deodorant Product for You?

There are various deodorant products on the market, such as deodorant spray, deodorant pot, and deodorant stick. With similar functions and different appearances, it is confusing to know which one is right for you? Now let me tell you about the difference between deodorant spray and solid deodorant stick, and how to choose the most suitable deodorant product for you.

Reasons why deodorant products are effective in preventing body odor

Sweat itself is colorless and odorless, and helps the body detoxify and expel heat. It is the fatty acids in the secretion of sweat glands and the bacteria on the surface of the skin that cause our body odor. When the two contact and decompose, they will produce different levels of peculiar smell. The operating principle of deodorant products is that the ingredients in the formula suppress odors on the one hand, and kill bacteria and decompose odors on the other hand.

Deodorant Spray: How to Use, Benefits and Drawbacks

Deodorant spray is very simple to use. Before exercising or going out, spray directly on the body parts.


Easy to use

The deodorant spray works just by spraying it. Unlike antiperspirants that need to be used overnight, the deodorant spray takes effect as soon as you spray it.

No stains

Antiperspirant users are sure to have experienced yellow stains on clothing. This is the chemical reaction of the aluminum salt of the antiperspirant. Because the vegan deodorant spray has no aluminum salts added, there is no need to worry about the residue of the deodorant product, leaving oil stains or white sweat stains on the clothes.

For different parts of the body

In addition to using underarms, deodorant spray can also be used on other places that need to improve the smell, such as feet. Because vegan deodorant spray is harmless to the body and easy to contact the skin, some people also use it on other sweaty parts of the body, such as the lower chest.


More prominent use

Deodorant spray is probably not the best choice for those who like to keep a low profile. When the deodorant spray is used, the sound is louder than that of the solid deodorant stick, and relatively speaking, the fragrance is stronger.

Sensitive skin may not be suitable

Alcohol is added to the deodorant spray formula as the main antiseptic ingredient, which may irritate the fragile skin of people with eczema or sensitive skin.

Not good for travel

Aviation has liquid and gas controls. Therefore, most deodorant sprays cannot be boarded.

Solid Deodorants: How to Use, Benefits and Drawbacks

There are two types of solid deodorant, stick and paste, the texture is creamy and smooth, dry and non-greasy on the skin. When using solid deodorant products, you need to apply the product evenly on the desired area, and then rub it to let the ingredients penetrate the skin and exert their effects.


Easy to carry for travel

Solid forms are not regulated as liquids and can be carried on board.

Low-key use

When a solid product is applied, the paste directly contacts the skin and does not make a sound like a spray. Since the deodorant does not contain alcohol, the fragrance will not evaporate in the air, and the presence is lower than that of the spray. At the same time, its volume is smaller than that of the spray bottle, and it is very convenient to put it in a small bag to replenish at any time.

Easy to control dosage

Solid deodorant products can be precisely applied to the required parts, and will not be scattered in the air like a spray, and the dosage can be controlled at will.


Time to take effect

Because solid deodorants are creamy, it works by allowing the deodorant to melt into the skin. So it takes a lot of time to knead.

Chances of clothing getting residue

One of the reasons why many people are hesitant to deodorant is that some deodorant formulas will make clothes stained with oil. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a deodorant that does not leave traces.

Deodorant Spray vs Solid Deodorant: The Best Choice

It all depends on your personal preference, and the needs of the day of use. For example, when you want a faster and easier way to use, and a more refreshing body feeling, or you want to emit a light fragrance, spray is a good choice.

If you have sensitive skin, non-alcoholic solid deodorant products will be suitable for you. If you will be in a high temperature environment or do a lot of exercise that day, you want to have a longer lasting deodorant effect and convenient replenishment. At the same time, if you want to use it in a low-key manner, deodorant balm and deodorant stick are one of your choices.

Your Best Choice: Zero Yet 100 Deodorant Products

The exclusive formula of Zero Yet 100 retains the benefits of deodorant balm and deodorant spray, and further eliminates the shortcomings mentioned above.

Non sticky, no stains

We know that all users love fresh underarms, and our exclusive formula makes it non-sticky whether it is deodorant spray or deodorant balm, and it does not leave any residue on clothes. Low-key and stable performance of the fragrance body function.

Premium aroma all natural

Zero Yet 100's deodorant products have 5 kinds of aromas, 3 forms of spray, deodorant balm and deodorant stick, all of which come from high-quality natural essential oils, Zero Yet 100's essential oils The formula has been carefully tuned, and the aroma is natural and high-end while exerting its efficacy.

Skin Sterilization

We use the wisdom of nature to suppress odor, such as Z1 SPA antibacterial and antifungal with lemongrass (citronella) and Z5 Coconut oil is anti-fungal and maintains pH balance , Z3 is added with lavender And ylang ylang, etc. calm the skin, naturally without preservatives, and without additional additives such as aluminum and preservatives. In addition to sterilizing and deodorant, it also protects the skin and delights the body and mind.

A variety of matching free choice

Fragrance and user experience are very personal, so we provide mini packs, allowing everyone to freely choose different scents and styles.

Support environmental protection

In addition to packaging that does not use CFCs gas, we support refills and recycling, and 96% of packaging is plastic-free.


Whether it is spray or solid deodorant, it can effectively sterilize and suppress body odor. Which one do you like?