The Miraculous Effects of Essential Oils

The Miraculous Effects of Essential Oils

What is an essential oil

Essential oils are formulations that combine two or more essential oils. It provides a richer aroma layer and has more aromatherapy properties at the same time. The essential oil formula will be formulated according to different treatment requirements, its aroma and skin contact are healing.

Classic Formulations of Essential Oil

Lavender, is a very popular combination. Because it not only has a charming aroma, but also has a variety of excellent effects. Its refreshing aroma has the power to visibly elevate mood and energize energy.

30% of lavender's chemical composition is linalool (Lamiaceae), making lavender an excellent sleep aid as well as its ability to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

The main chemical component of peppermint essential oil is menthol, which also gives peppermint oil its cooling properties. Apply it to your skin for instant pain relief or as maintenance hygiene.

Lime essential oil is extracted from lime peel, with a sweet and sour aroma of citrus. The refreshing aroma can refresh you, and it also has the functions of strengthening immunity and cleaning. Because of the above benefits it is often used in face and body cleansers.

Fragrance Series with Lavender Mint Lime Essential Oil

Z6 End Game  is added with lavender mint lime essential oil, which is recognized as a rejuvenating body and mind trio!

Our unisex Z6 End Game deodorant collection comes in paper sticks, Creams and sprays, perfect for sun, sweat and all sports. The all-natural deodorant is safe for teens and children. Essential oils not only smell great, but they are also extremely beneficial for your mind and body.

Our paper stick deodorants contain our blend of essential oils to leave you feeling fresh, energized, and enthusiastic. This paper stick deodorant has zero stains, zero irritation, and zero oils to absorb your sweat and neutralize any odors. This is the deodorant you have been waiting for!

How to use Zero Yet 100 deodorant series

Warm the stick with your natural body temperature, then swipe it once or twice over clean, dry armpits - you only need the minimum amount to make a difference. Use again as needed and get on with your day! Our deodorant sticks are good for your skin and the environment. Throw me in the recycling bin once you've used up all the good stuff in there or repurpose by buying refill.