6 miraculous effects of French Rose Clay on the skin

6 miraculous effects of French Rose Clay on the skin

French Rose Clay, also known as pink clay, is named for its beautiful pale pink appearance. It belongs to the kaolin family like the green cleaning clay we often see, but its composition and efficacy are quite different from green clay.


French Rose Clay is an all-natural kaolin clay that is quite mild in nature and pale pink in color due to the iron oxide it contains. As a member of the kaolin family, it is also rich in minerals. Rose mud can only appear in a specific climate, most of which appear in warm and humid places, and are produced in France, Brazil, Britain, Germany, India, and other places. Zero Yet 100 Brightening Face Wash uses rose mud from France as the main cleansing ingredient. Let's look at the wonderful use of French rose mud today!

  1. Moisturize while cleansing

The public has a stereotyped impression of kaolin, commonly known as cleansing mud—it has strong cleaning power, cleans, and removes the moisture needed by the skin at the same time, which can make the skin extremely dry and bruised. As soon as many people step into autumn and the weather turns dry, it is auspicious to avoid "mud". There are many members of the kaolin family, each with their own strengths. The rose mud introduced today will not take away a lot of moisture from the skin, and at the same time it can moisturize and cleanse. One of the properties of mud is that it retains water thanks to its origin in humid regions.

  1. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin

Because rose mud will not absorb oil, it is especially suitable for sensitive skin. It will not overdo the natural oil of the face, and it will not irritate the skin during cleansing, avoiding dryness and peeling.

  1. Calms inflamed skin

Dry and sensitive skin is bothered by the inflammation it causes, redness, acne and even eczema. These inflammations are uncomfortable and affect appearance and daily life. One of the standout benefits of rose mud is the relief of inflammation associated with these skin concerns. Because it contains soothing properties as well as anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it can detoxify while keeping the face's water and oil parallel. Formulated with other anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, such as Turmeric Extract, Licorice Powder and Sea Buckthorn Oil, it prevents free radical damage and soothes the skin, while treating existing skin concerns. Zero Yet 100's Brightening Face Wash Powder (Sensitive Skin) is formulated with the above ingredients, which is especially suitable for soothing unstable facial skin.

  1. Exfoliating properties

Whether the skin is on the dry or oily side, rose pink clay is versatile. It absorbs waste from pores while retaining natural oils. It gently sloughs off dead skin cells and absorbs excess oil without dehydrating to lift skin's condition, improve skin stability and reduce redness.

  1. Water and oil balance

Redness, swelling and acne appear on the skin because the pores block the discharge of waste, which makes the facial skin unbalanced, resulting in a large amount of oil. Zero Yet 100 's Brightening Face Wash Powder (Sensitive Skin) The main ingredient is rose mud, which can absorb excess oil without taking away the skin It needs moisture, but instead locks moisture for the face, refreshing and moisturizing at the same time.

  1. increase skin radiance

The main causes of dull skin are too much dead skin on the face, lack of water or too much waste accumulation. Rose mud can gently remove excess substances on the face, and the skin's radiance is naturally improved after removing dead skin cells. Zero Yet 100 Brightening Face Wash (Sensitive Skin) Add rose petal powder to the French rose mud to help exfoliate the skin while immediately injecting anti-aging and whitening power.

Brightening face wash powder with French rose mud as the main ingredient (sensitive skin), designed for sensitive skin. Its main ingredient is French rose mud, which is gentle and cleansing without any burden on the skin, suitable for daily use. Formulated with Calendula and Rose Petal Powder to boost collagen, the Brightening Cleansing Face Wash keeps skin nourished even in dry weather.