Brightening Face Wash that can be used as a mask

Brightening Face Wash that can be used as a mask

Humid climate, severe air pollution and frequent wearing of masks can all lead to skin deterioration, oily skin, acne, redness, etc. To reduce skin allergies, many people will strengthen face cleansing. However, most of the daily cleansing products contain a lot of chemical ingredients and essences, and long-term exposure will aggravate skin problems.

For sensitive skin, the ideal cleanser should be gentle, cleansing, and non-irritating. Our faces are so precious and should be cared for. Therefore, the top cleansing products should not only decontaminate the face, but also have a maintenance effect. After cleansing, the grease and dirt on the face are removed, and the pores are opened. At this time, the "tonifying" for the face can be absorbed most directly.

Zero Yet 100's Brightening Face Wash Powder (Sensitive Skin) can clean and protect skin at the same time.

Where does cleansing power come from?

Just like Zero Yet 100's vegan skin care tenet, Brightening Face Wash Powder (Sensitive Skin) is formulated with all-natural and effective ingredients. Derived from nature's top skin care ingredients. French rose mud, seaweed powder and oatmeal powder , the three natural scavengers are known for their strong and gentle cleansing power, suitable for gentle cleansing of the skin, retaining moisture, removing excess dirt and sebum, and exfoliating dead skin cells . Infused with geranium and lavender oils , the product treats acne by regulating sebum production, reducing scarring and healing open wounds, alleviating many common symptoms that accompany sensitive skin, improving acne, oiliness and redness.

The ingredients of the mask are injected into the cleansing powder, which is not afraid of drying

In addition to high cleaning power, the formula is highly nutritious. Sensitive skin's "The Right One" cleansing product should gently remove oil and dirt, and at the same time gently soothe your skin, strengthen its resistance and heal your wounds. Formulated with Calendula and Rose Petal Powder to boost collagen and treat troubled skin, anti-inflammatory Turmeric Extract, Licorice Powder and Sea Buckthorn Oil protect against free radical damage and soothe skin for sustained anti-aging. The above natural and refreshing ingredients are combined into a light natural fragrance, which cleans and moisturizes the body and mind at the same time.

How to Cleanse With Cleansing Powder

In fact, the use of cleansing powder is similar to that of general cleansing products.

  1. Pour out a centimeter-sized portion in the palm of your hand

  2. Add appropriate amount of water to make a paste

  3. Gently massage the pasted cleansing powder on the face

  4. wash with water

How to make a mask?

Brightening Face Wash Powder (Sensitive Skin) powder design, with its own skin care calendula and rose petal powder, etc., put on the face more Ingredients that can nourish the skin can even be turned into a mask to give the skin a natural feast. Add appropriate ingredients

  • Add honey, yogurt or coconut milk: for added hydration and moisturization.

  • Nourishing Facial Toning Mist with ZeroYet100: Reduces Redness, Hydrates, and Anti-Inflammation

Production Method:

Add the above ingredients instead of water to make a paste. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, the pollution in the air is not easy to be blown away, and the face trapped under the mask is more prone to sensitive reactions. Use Brightening Face Wash Powder (Sensitive Skin) to cleanse well, and use it as a mask to build a barrier for the skin!