Multiple functions of Glow Getter Body Scrub

Multiple functions of Glow Getter Body Scrub

The surface of human skin is the old waste keratin metabolized by the body, which is composed of dead keratinocytes. The metabolic cycle of dead skin cells is about 21-28 days, and a good metabolic rate makes these dead skin cells fall off with the cycle. However, with the slowing down of metabolism and the influence of various factors, the exfoliation speed of the excess horny layer decreases and accumulates on the skin, preventing water and nutrients from reaching the dermis, and making the skin surface duller and drier. Pollutants from daily exposure to the outside world adhere to the dead skin on the skin surface, clogging pores and causing acne and acne.

To keep skin hydrated and not waste skin care products, regular exfoliation is essential. Whether it's summer, when the skin's appearance is high, or winter, when the skin needs moisture and nutrients, removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin is a good way to improve the skin's condition.

Benefits of regular exfoliation

  1. Improve acne. Remove old dead skin cells that clog pores and unclog pores.

  2. Improve the absorption of skin care products. Skin care products will not be blocked and absorbed by old dead skin cells, and nutrients can reach the dermis.

  3. Improves skin tone brightness. Removes dead skin cells contaminated by pollutants for clearer and more radiant skin.

Exfoliating & Moisturizing 2 in 1

There are all kinds of exfoliating products in the market, how should I choose? Exfoliating is a relatively irritating step to the skin, so mild and natural exfoliating products are needed to remove old dead skin cells and instantly replenish nutrients for the skin.

Multi-Functional Zero Yet 100 Glow Getter Body Scrub

Eco-friendly exfoliation

Glow Getter Body Scrub is formulated with Robusta coffee beans, brown sugar and Dead Sea salt, using natural ingredients as the scrub workhorse. The product does not use plastic particles that seriously harm the ocean. Not only does brown sugar exfoliate, but it also contains glycolic acid and antibacterial properties to keep your skin radiant and healthy. Dead Sea Salt improves blood circulation on the skin's surface.

Improve cellulite

Robusta coffee is rich in caffeine, with a caffeine content of 1.5%-3.5%, which is higher than other coffee beans. Caffeine effectively decomposes fat cells. Some studies have conducted experiments on pig skin and found that caffeine penetrates the skin, significantly thinning the subcutaneous fat tissue, and effectively reducing cellulite. The principle is to destroy fat cells, thereby reducing the number of fat cells.


The Glow Getter Body Scrub is formulated with rice flour and Dead Sea salt to soothe inflammation, treat acne and prevent fine lines. The accumulation of dead skin is often accompanied by acne and inflammation. This formula not only exfoliates excess skin, but also relieves skin inflammation.

Improve skin moisture

Exfoliating excess cutin inevitably takes away part of the skin's moisture. Glow Getter Body Scrub is infused with Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Oils, which contain Vitamin A and Omega-9 to soothe and nourish your skin.

Naturally glowing skin

The instant effect of Glow Getter Body Scrub not only exfoliates excess skin, but also makes your skin glow with its unique formula. Synthetic Mica in the formula for a radiant glow from within. We carefully choose to use synthetic over natural. Not only is lab-made mica purer and more radiant, it's also skin-friendly and ethically sourced.