TOP 3 Natural Exfoliating Ingredients

TOP 3 Natural Exfoliating Ingredients

Regular exfoliation has many benefits. Improves skin appearance, leaving skin fair and clear. Improve the absorption of skin care products, skin care products will not be blocked and absorbed by old dead skin cells, and nutrients can reach the dermis. Reduce skin inflammation, remove clogged pores and dirt, and improve acne-prone skin.

Most of the exfoliating products in the market use micro-plastic particles as scrubs. Micro-plastic particles cannot be decomposed. In addition to seriously harming the marine environment, they may also cause harm to the human body. Micro-plastic particles will penetrate the skin and even clog pores.

Therefore, mild, and natural exfoliating ingredients are the most important. While exfoliating old dead skin cells, it instantly replenishes the skin with nutrients.

Robusta Coffee Beans

Glow Getter Body Scrub is formulated with Robusta coffee beans ground into fine particles to replace microplastics. Robusta coffee beans can not only remove excess cutin, but also have another powerful effect—improving cellulite. The caffeine content of Robusta coffee beans is 1.5%-3.5%, which is higher than other coffee beans. Caffeine effectively decomposes fat cells. Some studies have conducted experiments on pig skin and found that caffeine penetrates the skin, significantly thinning the subcutaneous fat tissue, and effectively reducing cellulite. The principle is to destroy fat cells, thereby reducing the number of fat cells.

Brown Sugar

Not only does brown sugar exfoliate, but it also contains glycolic acid and antibacterial properties to keep your skin radiant and healthy. Brown sugar contains glucose and other substances, which provide metabolic power for cells and accelerate metabolism. Among them, trace substances such as amino acids can effectively protect skin tissue and strengthen the skin's ability to lock water.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation on the skin's surface. Dead Sea Salt soothes inflammation, treats acne and prevents fine lines. Acne and inflammation are often accompanied by dead skin buildup. The minerals in the Dead Sea salt penetrate into the body through massage, accelerate blood circulation, relieve skin sensitivity, and stimulate cell regeneration.

A scrub formula that combines a variety of natural exfoliating ingredients

Zero Yet 100 Glow Getter Body Scrub is formulated with Robusta coffee beans, brown sugar, and Dead Sea salt to effectively exfoliate the skin without damaging the skin and environment. Also infused with Sweet Almond Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil, packed with Vitamin A and Omega-9, to soothe and nourish your skin. The instant effect of Glow Getter Body Scrub not only exfoliates excess skin, but also makes your skin glow with its unique formula. Synthetic Mica in the formula for a radiant glow from within. We carefully choose to use synthetic over natural. Not only is lab-made mica purer and more radiant, it's also skin-friendly and ethically sourced.

Glow Getter Body Scrub is sold in 20g and 200g respectively, suitable for different frequency of use.