Why Should You Switch To Natural Deodorants

Why Should You Switch To Natural Deodorants

As our life after the pandemic resumes its once lost normalcy, we know we'll be spending most of our time outdoors. This means catching the usual trains for work, walking longer distances, and hitting the gym every week. With the summers steadily approaching and this newfound normalcy, sweat and odour become a common cause of concern.

We know that all this while you've considered talcums and deodorants as your best friends. But talcum isn’t an effective solution, and regular deodorants are formulated with aluminium extracts, known to cause dangerous diseases. Luckily, you don't have to look too far to find a natural, plant-based solution, as we bring to you a range of organic deodorants from the house of Zero Yet 100 that are free from aluminium and other harmful chemicals.

Still unsure about making this switch? Here are some reasons that will help you clear the clouds of doubt.

What exactly are regular deodorants, and how do they work

Most people believe that odour emanating from their armpits is due to sweat. However, it’s not the sweat that causes odour, but rather the bacteria present over your armpits. Sweat itself is odourless. Only when it comes into contact with the bacteria does it emit odour. Most deodorant sprays contain a certain level of alcohol in them to eliminate the bacteria. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, which are also a category of deodorants, block your pores to reduce sweating. This is done with the help of aluminium present in the product. While these products may help protect you from sweat odour, don’t forget the number of chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, and synthetic ingredients you’re exposing yourself to.

How are natural deodorants formulated, and how safe are they

Unlike regular deodorants, natural deodorants are crafted with a blend of pure, naturally sourced plant extracts. They offer the same efficacy as your regular deodorants but without the danger of chemical reactions. Natural deodorants are often made with bacteria-fighting plant extracts and a blend of soothing essential oils that keep you feeling cool, refreshed, and smelling your absolute best. They also come in different forms for added convenience. Whether you prefer to use it as a cream-based pot, a roll-on stick, or as a spray, you can make your pick as per your choice. Zero Yet 100 offers several packaging options along with fragrance variants you can choose from. All you need to do is scroll through and find your perfect match.

Natural deodorants have skincare benefits.

Regular deodorants always risk mixing up with sweat and bacteria and worse body odour. On the contrary, natural deodorants do not block your pores and help fight the bacteria over your skin. Sweating is often caused due to body heat. But when you apply a natural deodorant that has cooling ingredients like witch hazel, lavender, neem or tea tree oil, you’ll feel cool and refreshed instantly. These ingredients also help improve your skin’s tone, texture, and overall quality.

Top 5 natural deodorants you must check out.

Now that you’re convinced that the benefits of natural and organic deodorants weigh out the benefits of regular deodorants, it’s time to find the right natural deodorant for you. Here are some vegan beauty options you’re surely going to love!

  • Z1 Spa Deodorant Spray: This essential oil blend feels like a glass of chilled lemonade on a hot summer day. Packed with citrus oils and palmarosa, it boosts up your mood instantly. You can buy this organic deodorant today at Zero Yet 100.
  • Z6 End Game Deodorant Aluminium Pot: This fragrance pot has an intoxicating effect on the senses. Formulated with a blend of lavender, lime and peppermint essential oils, this scent helps calm your mind. You can buy this organic deodorant today at Zero Yet 100.
  • Z5 Snow Deo Pot: A deodorant pot that keeps you cool and fresh all day. Made with pure natural ingredients and zero nasties, this deodorant is an ideal match for sensitive fragrances. You can buy this organic deodorant today at Zero Yet 100.
  • Z3 Refresh Deodorant Push up Stick: Transport yourself into the land of warm tropics, with the scent of herbs, fruits and florals engulfing you beautifully. This essential oil blend is unique and indulgent at the same time. It’s perfect for those gloomy Monday mornings when all you need is some motivation to step outdoors. You can buy this organic deodorant today at Zero Yet 100.
  • Z2 Woods Deodorant Spray: Enter into an imaginary, whimsical forest where the scent of trees and herbs soothe your senses. This woody-infused deodorant spray is perfect for anytime wear. You can buy this organic deodorant today at Zero Yet 100.

Once you make the excellent switch, we’re sure there’s no going back. You’re going to love the comfort and natural goodness that these deodorants have to offer. While the search process can be overwhelming, we hope our list of favourites simplifies your selection process.